Easy business administration
and generate more profits

CZCRM is the distillation from domestic and foreign software with modern features but simple enough. Making management and sales simple, cost-effective and time-consuming

Detailed, complete and centralized customer information management

👉 Customer group classification

👉 Record customer contact history

👉 Avoid duplicating customer information

Automate processes

👉 Automatic payment due reminder

👉 Contract renewal reminder

👉 Automatically convert leads into customers

Records and data stored in a timely manner

👉 Centrally Stored Contracts

👉 Fast and timely updated data

👉 Easy to extract information when needed

Store personnel records effectively

👉 Classify personnel by department

👉 Perform tests after training session

👉 Employees’ information and data are centrally managed on the system

Boost your productivity with Kanban

👉 Work progress is clearly displayed, managed

👉 Seize and focus on the target work

👉 Make a list of tasks for the day with Todo-list

Understand the business situation through reports

👉 Intuitive reports, clear statistics

👉 Easily look up necessary data and information

👉 Profit of each employee in sales department

👉 Cash flow report, income – expenditure over time



For all business models. Let CZCRM be an effective tool to support businesses in connecting and maintaining relationships with customers, converting from potential customers to loyal customers

Up to 200 users


This is not a trial version


Up to 1 million corporate and customer data can be stored