COZWORK – Technology Solutions Company was established in February 2020. With the desire to provide Technology Solutions, help Customers improve business efficiency, as well as optimize human resource management through software COZWORK provides.

In order to maintain relationships with old Customers as well as show new Customers the potential of the Company, COZWORK always strives to improve processes, invest in 

human resources and constantly update new technologies. Wishing to make a small contribution to Vietnam’s technological innovation, and COZWORK always tries ours best to expand ours business.

COZWORK sincerely thank Customers for trusting, helping and always accompanying us.

Wishing everyone health and happiness!



COZWORK brings customers optimal technology products and solutions with high quality, outstanding services for the management and operation systems of customers. Helping Customers achieve business efficiency and actively contribute to the overall development of Applied Science and Technology in Vietnam


With aspiration to change and improve technology, COZWORK becomes a reliable Technology Solution Service Provider in Vietnam; and strive to reach out to the world



People: People are the foundation for COZWORK’s success. The company tries its best for the development of each individual, helping employees develop their full potential and achieve desired goals

Reliable quality: At COZWORK, every activity and product comes from passion and a commitment to constantly achieving perfect quality in all products and services

Customer-oriented: COZWORK always listens and meets the needs of customers, so that the products customers want and the services COZWORK provides satisfy customers

Innovation and development: Determining future vision, identifying trends, changes in the technology era, COZWORK constantly learns, researches and applies to change and advises the most useful solutions to customers

Co-development: More than just a Company, COZWORK is committed to becoming a socially responsible citizen (CSR) in the country of Vietnam