The working process at COZWORK is conducted as follows

   ♦ Collect product features (Backlog). Then create a team and find the Product Owner (PO)

   ♦ Fully estimate the output requirements to estimate the work for each team

   ♦ Planning to develop Sprint iterations: Define duration, goals, requirements analysis

   ♦ Planning to develop Sprint’s tasks: Estimating time to do each Task (Hours), identifying important tasks

   ♦ Creating a collaborative workspace for everyone: Draw problems to evaluate

   ♦ Build each Sprint, program, test and adjust the time to the best effect

   ♦ Report results: What has been achieved, what will be accomplished and difficulties

   ♦ Summarize the results on the chart

   ♦ Review to complete
   ♦ Evaluation and Reflection: Presenting Sprint Results, Responses, and Deadlines